Infant Yeast Infection

baby yeast infectionInfant yeast infection is not a commonplace disease. There are numerous ways by which an adult can end up having yeast infection, including strange toiletries, constricting pants, steroids, having an infected partner, wearing damp clothes etc. But apart from the rare case when an infant absolutely has to be put on antibiotics, there is no way the other reasons can apply to him or her. However, new mothers are well advised by pediatricians to look out for its symptoms – just in case those antibiotics prove to be allergic.

However, there are other rather grim methods through which an infant can contract this infection. An infected birth canal is heaven for Candida to multiply and grow since it humid and damp. If that is the case, then the newborn could end up with the infection. Ideally, the mother should have been aware of this infection and sought a cure before the birth.

Improper cleaning of the female infant’s vagina might lead to her catching the yeast infection. Unchanged diapers and harsh soaps, which annoy delicate infant skin, might also be reasons behind an infected child. You need to make sure the infant is bathed properly so that he or she doesn’t get infected. 

Now, if this is the firstborn, the new mother with no proper support might just be unaware of the proper procedure, and in that case, simple directions from the pediatrician will work. In that case, the ignorant new mother might attend infant care classes to learn all that she needs to know. These classes are widely held in almost all hospitals and clinics and should not be very difficult to locate and attend.

However, infant yeast infections might also be the result of neglectful parenting. The mother might just not give enough importance to the doctor’s advice. If that is the case, then the pediatrician has to decide whether this is child neglect or abuse and whether he or she needs to report to the authorities.

Another shocking method through which yeast infections can spread is when a female infant is sexually abused by an adult male. If an yeast infected male tries to have intercourse with the child, the child will show prominent symptoms like swollen and crimson genitals, torn and scratched vaginal walls and smelly vaginal secretion. If that is the case, then of course the pediatrician should waste no time in reporting to the authorities and bringing about justice.  


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