Candidiasis Treatment

 Treatment for candiasis involves killing the fungi that are responsible for the disease. Antibiotics are not the solution for this condition. You will get better results with antimyotics. If you don’t know about these, these are antifungal formulas to treat candiasis. Several medicines like clotrimazole, ketoconazole, nystatin and fluconazole are typical prescriptions for this ailment. However, you cannot take these for more than about six months. These are injurious to health if taken over a prolonged period of time.

Candidiasis has a tendency to recur after medication has been discontinued. Of taken over the allowed period of time, the medicines reach just the surface of the affected organ. Fungi that may be located deeper in the system are safe from the effects of these drugs. That is why recurrent candiasis is so common.

Critical candidiasis takes four to six months to be cured completely. Patients lose out on important nutrients during the illness. Diet is vital to regaining normal health. You need to stay away from sugar and other probiotics for yeast infectioncarbohydrates. You should also avoid fermented food like yogurt or curd. If you fail to stick to such a diet, your symptoms may soon return.   Probiotics are also effective methods for treating candidiasis. These drugs clear your system of harmful fungi and refill the gastrointestinal tract with friendly, useful bacteria. Certain organisms in the probiotics are a must. They must be able to survive in different environments. They must also be resistant towards the acids in your stomach. They must be hardy enough to survive in your open intestine and must be fresh.

A lot of research in the filed of botany has shown that a few plants, large and small, have helped in the treatment of candidiasis. Garlic, grape fruit and olive leaves are some of these. If you want to use garlic, take it raw. Have between four and six flakes a day. Candidiasis may occur in infants as well, and it must be treated with extreme care and caution. Infants may get rashes when they wear diapers. You have to keep this part dry and clean.

Sometimes, the candidiasis fungus gets accustomed to the medication your doctor prescribes. If that is the case with you, consider changing pills to help you recover. It is best if the disease is diagnosed in its early stages so it can be fully cured right from the roots, for good.


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