Throat Yeast Infection


Thrush is one the most common form of throat infection caused due to the fungus candida albicans. Its symptoms are a white paste like formation on the inside of your mouth coupled with severe itchiness and pain. It's recommended that you completely refrain from sexual throat yeast infectionintercourse until and unless you have completely recovered from this disease. Or else you will see it doing the rounds between you and your partner, since once afflicted with thrush, you can pass on the yeast by mere French kisses. Then again thrush isn't usually considered a sexually transmitted disease. All the same, it pays to be alert and on the lookout for this disease. Scientists agree on the fact that you need to have a already weakened immune system in order to contract this disease. So in order to find out the symptoms for this disease, we need to look into the general factors and symptoms which indicate a weakened immune system.

Have you been falling sick continuously for the past few months? Have you noticed something unusual in the cough that you are spitting out? Does your body feel weak all the time, with joint pains ripping your entire constitution into pieces? You just can't shrug off these symptoms; you have to listen to your body. May be you are in deep shit and probably you are completely unaware of it. Did you know that these symptoms with those of HIV/AIDS? Yes, it does seem like a shocking revelation so don't think twice before going for the VC/TC test. Who doesn't know that stitch in time saves nine!

Do give your body adequate amount of sleep and food to keep the immune system working. Don't subject it continuously to extremes of bad food and rough weather conditions and lack of rest. Every body has a breaking point, just steer clear off it. People who suffer from weakened immune system undergo repeated attacks of thrush and other dangerous yeast infections.


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