Symptoms of Candidiasis

If you have an infection in your mouth, nose, vagina or respiratory tract, you may be suffering from candidiasis. You might also feel terrible, physically and mentally, in the days prior to your menstrual cycle, and you may get body rashes, acne, and urinary tract infections. Some people may develop allergies to certain foods, dust, molds, yeast and certain chemicals like inhalants.

In early stages of the disease, mucous membranes in different parts of the body are affected. You tend to be allergic to the routine things in your environment. You might get bronchitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis and strep infections repeatedly. Some people contract mononucleosis and pneumonia. The second stage of the illness brings forth more suffering, in the form of pain, headaches, usually migraine, tremendous fatigue, malaise, psoriasis, nail infections, aching muscles, joint pain, and sometimes, arthritis. You take medicines and hope that these conditions will improve, but to no avail. Candidiasis makes different people suffer in different ways. There are plenty of symptoms as potent as the ones we’ve mentioned above.

Some symptoms, like dizziness, can be caused by other ailments too, so candidiasis is difficult to detect. In the third stage, patients show mental and behavioral changes. Concentration is affected, you can’t watch a program on television and follow it properly, nor can you read for any extended period of time. You can’t maintain any hobby; you might forget important things and acute memory loss may set in. you tend to be confused all the time, and may not get round to remembering the words or letters that you need to use when writing or speaking. The fourth stage of Candida involves the stoppage of functioning of some of the organ systems of the body. The endocrine system and the digestive system are most commonly affected, with adrenal glands shutting down, and bouts of vomiting and constipation. Most people thus affected go on to the fifth and final stage of candida. Candidiasis is dangerous, fatal, in fact, unless it is detected early and the yeast growth in the body is cut out early. The immune system needs to be regenerated.

Candidiasis cures are not hard to find. Very often, the solution may be knocking on the door.  Diet is crucial. You should strictly avoid sugar, bread, alcohol and mushroom. You can eliminate the causes of the disease if you do this, although this may not always effect a cure.  Visit your doctor, but stay away from antibiotics, as these are known to worsen the condition. A holistic approach is advisable to cure this disease.


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